2019 Mercedes-Benz 逐智未來 - 總裁 Mr. Michael Grewe 講稿

2019/11/05 14:39

Service Beyond 2019

Media Day

Mr. Michael Grewe Opening Speech


Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, dear media friends. It is my great pleasure to welcome you all to Mercedes-Benz Service Beyond 2019.

「2019 台灣賓士 逐智未來 客戶服務」媒體活動。

Today, we will introduce our vision of the future services. Mercedes-Benz as a pioneer in Taiwan market, this is also the 3rd time to share the future concept in this event. You will experience the future in the present, digitalization in the auto industry, and the new technology of dynamics.

Mercedes-Benz 作為臺灣進口車市場的領導者,已經是第3次與各位分享未來移動的概念。 您將能夠在今日的活動體驗未來、汽車產業的數位化以及動力科技的嶄新技術。

The Road to Future

There are a lot of change of the environment in 2019, and I believe you have also observed the trend of transformation in the automobile industry. We are currently entering a new era of technology, and many companies in other industries are also facing the same challenge. Our lifestyles have become more digitalized in terms of connection between people versus people, people versus machines, and machines with themselves, so called “internet of things” (IoT). Along with this new trend to the future, we have the ability to provide a new level of mobility services with our best technology.


For example, locate a person and monitor his body condition through his wearing device. Information and analysis can be used to safeguard emergent health situation. In terms of the automobile industry, our vehicles are connected to our network. The best practice is the Mercedes me connect in our service profile. Thus, driving performance of the customers can be tracked by analyzing the data from the vehicles. Moreover, the pre-diagnosis and online diagnosis will be no longer a dream. Our service network holds the possibility to approach customers proactively and fulfill their demands one-step earlier than their notice.

Mercedes me connect服務。我們可以透過分析車輛的資料追蹤客戶的駕駛習慣,除此之外,預先診斷和線上診斷再也不是夢,我們的服務網路可以主動接觸客戶,提前一步滿足他們的需求。

The digital services are just one of the pillars to fulfill our vision towards the future. As our Chairman, Mr. Ola Källenius mentioned during the IAA this year: “Our task today is individual mobility without emissions.” The vision of Mercedes-Benz goes further, we see the future with smart cities that runs with green energy, with vehicles that create zero-emissions. Step by step, we will change the way people live with our future services. First Move the World, this is what Mercedes-Benz exists for and this is our purpose.

Ola Källenius先生在今年的IAA上所提到的:賓士的願景不僅於此,我們預見的未來,是以綠色能源運行的智慧城市,以及零排放的車輛。我們將以我們擘劃的未來服務,逐步改變人們的生活方式。First Move the World,這就是Mercedes-Benz存在的意義,也是我們的目的。


Ladies and gentlemen, once again, thank you for being here today. Please follow our lead to explore the future in the present.

Thank you.

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