BESV – Experience Amazing 隆重發表TRB1、PSA1 – 榮獲Taipei Cycle d&i大獎肯定,提供更多元化選擇

2017/03/22 11:00

廠商:BESV 達瑞創新股份有限公司


BESV – Experience Amazing 隆重發表TRB1、PSA1 – 榮獲Taipei Cycle d&i大獎肯定,提供更多元化選擇

BESV以四大概念為根基 – beautiful(美麗)、eco-friendly(環保)、smarter(智慧)、與vision(願景),致力於創造頂級e-bike(電動輔助自行車)和周邊時尚配件,結合領先科技、創新生產製程、和大器內斂的設計,堅持帶給每位消費者不同凡響的驚奇體驗。

BESV自2013年推出首款e-bike LX1以來,包含歷年所推出的PS1、JS1、和CF1等車款,屢獲全球各項大獎肯定,讓BESV成為全球獲得最多獎項的e-bike品牌。今年,在台北國際自行車展覽會,品牌榮耀發表年度新車TRB1與PSA1,提供更多元化的選擇。


TRB1 – 如虎添翼 勇闖山林

TRB1是BESV旗下首款電動登山自行車,它具備業界領先756瓦時電力(36伏特 / 21安時),能提供最強大的動力輔助,讓騎乘者如虎一般馳聘山林。而BESV獨創的「雙車管」設計,不僅為電池提供絕佳保護性,更讓TRB1車架具備最強的剛性表現。更搭載德國高品質Brose馬達,打造超強馬力,輕鬆征服各種困難越野路段。全新BESV eMTB app提供系統自我診斷與健身功能,幫助騎乘者聰明檢視訓練進展。

TRB1的創新設計和頂級表現,不僅榮獲TAIPEI CYCLE d&i大獎肯定,更帶來最值得信賴、充滿強勁力道的登山騎乘體驗。


PSA1 – 都市裡的新星




BESV “Experience Amazing” debuts award winning TRB1 and PSA1 for versatile e-bike options


BESV, which is founded on the four principles of beautiful, eco-friendly, smarter and vision, is committed to creating premium electric bicycles and accessories that combine advanced software technology, manufacturing innovation, and unique and stylish designs to bring customers a truly amazing user-experience.

BESV’s previous e-bike models, the LX1, PS1, JS1 and CF1, have been winning top international awards since 2013 and BESV has become the world’s number one winner of e-bike awards. This year, at the Taipei International Cycle Show, BESV proudly debuts its latest award-winning TRB1 and PSA1 models for versatile e-bike options.

TRB1 – Move Like a Tiger

The TRB1 is BESV’s first electric mountain bike. It features industry-leading 756Wh (36V / 21Ah) battery power that lets you move like a tiger with abundant power assistance. Its advanced dual-tube frame not only provides excellent protection for the battery, but also gives the TRB1 superior rigid biking performance. The premium quality Brose electric motor delivers robust power with reliable German quality. The new BESV eMTB app provides fitness functions and self-diagnosis of the e-bike's status.

The TRB1’s innovative designs and superior performance has not only won the recognition of the TAIPEI CYCLE d&i Awards 2017, but it also guarantees the most reliable and powerful biking performance.

PSA1 – A New Star in the City

The BESV PSA1 offers the best city e-bike for commuting and leisure. Its sleek and stylish design gives the rider a distinctive flair on the road. It features Algorhythm, BESV’s custom-built power drive system, which smartly calculates the precise power required and

delivers reliable 3-level electrical assistance and a smooth transition for the best riding experience. The lightweight, high-rigidity, aluminum frame and small wheel design reduces the e-bike weight to just 19 kilograms. In addition, the removable and highly dependable LG battery delivers as much as 95 kilometers of power-assistance.

Everyone can hop on the PSA1 and enjoy a smooth and delightful cruise around the city.


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