Fiero Exhaust Comments From Taiwan

2014/02/04 00:05
2010/07/19 22:27

I’ve received many E-mails about the Fiero exhaust recently. There are many Fiero enthusiasts interesting the exhaust. I am the last owner of this Fiero(88 GT). I sold this Fiero to my friend on year 2000. The exhaust modify was by my friend on year 2002~2003(I forgot). My friend get marry on year 2006. And his Fiero do not use from year 2006 until now. As he was park his Fiero outdoor before. The engine is not good looking right now. Also his Fiero is no licence plate right now. The picture will just take it in the basement. The exhaust is hand made in Taiwan. The exhaust store is in the Taipei city. And I look like it do not have a muffler (silencer) installed.

You can find the cylinder 1 and 5 merge together first then re connect to cylinder 3. And 37mm size diameter piping is used for the whole exhaust. Just a resonator used. I as far as possible take more pictures. Hope this is helping for all Fiero enthusiasts in US. The wide fenders Kit come from The Fiero Warehouse. Apologies for my poor English.

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