Pontiac Fiero VIN

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1987 Pontiac Fiero
1987 had minor modifications to the front and rear fascia on the "base coupe" (the same nose also to be found the following year on the new Formula model), with the SE & GT models keeping the same "Aero" nose. The 4-cylinder's power rating increased to 98 hp (73 kW) with some major modifications which included a roller cam, redesigned intake manifold, distributor less ignition system, open combustion chamber cylinder head and upgraded throttle-body fuel injection system. This was also the last year for the spin-on oil filter on the 4 cylinder. The car was offered in medium metallic blue but was otherwise externally unchanged from the preceding three models. Redesigned headlight motors appeared in 1987.

1988 Pontiac Fiero
The 1988 Fiero brought a new suspension design, thought by many to strikingly resemble the soon to be acquired Lotus Corp's. The chassis was never a Lotus design though - it was all Pontiac. The 4-cylinder engine received an in-pan oil filter element and a more powerful V6 was available. 1988 was the final model year for the Fiero.

1989 Pontiac Fiero
The never built 1989 Fiero. This car has been seen at a few major shows, sparking much interest. With it's newly designed body breaking away from the earlier ones, it would have been a major hit. A lot of design influence is found in the Fourth generation Camaro/Firebird. Other engine packages were proposed, right up to a factory installed V8 that is rumored to have been seen at a test track. This particular model came equipped with a turbocharged V6 engine making 205HP. It would have been faster, quicker, better handling, and cheaper than the "flagship" Corvette. This is probably a large reason why the line was killed off (some of this has been confirmed by people talking to Hulki at the 20th anniversary reunion meet).

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