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The Testarossa name, which means "red head" in Italian, comes from the red-painted cam covers on the flat-12 engine.[7] Of course, the double entendre with a red-headed woman was intentional; in fact, Ferrari and Pininfarina regularly use descriptive terms related to a female's body when describing the style of their automobiles.

The Testarossa sports a 4.9 litre (4,943 cubic centimetres/302 cubic inches) Ferrari Colombo Flat-12 engine longitudinally mid mounted.[4][9] Each cylinder has four valves, with forty-eight valves total, lubricated via a dry sump system, and a compression ratio of 9.20:1.[4][9] These combine to provide a maximum torque of 490 newton metres (361 ft·lbf) at 4500 rpm and a maximum power of 291 kilowatts (396 PS; 390 hp) at 6300 rpm.[1][4][10] Early U.S. versions of the car had the same engine, but slightly less power with only 283 kW (385 PS; 380 hp).[2][7][10]

The Ferrari Testarossa can accelerate from 0–100 kilometres per hour (62 mph) in 5.8 seconds[1] and from 0–97 kilometres per hour (60 mph) in 5.2 seconds and on to 161 km/h (100 mph) in 11.40 seconds[1] (though Motor Trend Magazine managed 5.29 seconds and 11.3 seconds, respectively).[2] It can complete a standing (from stationary) quarter mile (~400 m) in 13.50 seconds or a standing kilometre in 23.80 seconds.[1] The maximum speed of the Testarossa is 290 kilometres per hour (180 mph).[9]

The Testarossa has 16-inch (406 mm) wheels with a width of 8-inch (200 mm) at the front and 10-inch (250 mm) at the rear for both U.S. and International versions.[10] The tire code for the U.S. version of the vehicle had Goodyear 225/50 VR 16 and 255/50 VR 16 for the rear tires, whilst the tire codes for the international version had Michelin TRX 240/45 VR 415 for the front tires and TRX 280/45 VR 415 for the rear tires.[1][10] The front brakes have a diameter of 309 millimetres (12.17 in) and the rear brakes have a diameter of 310 millimetres (12.20 in).[1]

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